Promoting Sexual Freedom, Pleasure, & Health for All


Kit Richardson

Certified Sexual Pleasure & Health Educator

What began as a childhood fascination with Jack the Ripper and his many mutilated prostitutes turned into a ardent dedication to promoting sex education and sex as a human right.   As a child I had always been intrigued by sexuality whether it was dipping my fingers in the wax of my mother's candles or sitting in front of the t.v. enthralled by the Maury show drinking peppermint schnapps during high school at a friend's house.

After pursuing a career in Human Rights and Conflict Resolution with the United Nations I discovered my true passion was the fusion of both human sexuality and human rights.  As I worked along side Palestinian refugees, conflicting Cypriots, and government officials I realized the importance sex plays in both fueling conflict and resolving it.  Would we have sex with those who are our sworn enemies?  Would we have sex with those who deny our very existence?  Can pleasure be a cure to conflict? And with these essential questions, my mission was birthed. 

Mission Statement

First Come, First Served exists as a platform of knowledge and exploration of sex and sexuality.  Believing in the fundamental right that we are not only entitled to the pursuit of happiness, but the pursuit of pleasure for all, First Come, First Served serves you; the community; the people.



Pace University, 3.89 GPA Magnum Cum Laude 2013

BA Political Science,  Concentration Peace & Justice Studies

Minor, Womens & Gender Studies, Concentration Human Sexuality


American University, 4.0 GPA, 2013

Professional Certificate,  Peace & Conflict Resolution.

Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, 2017

Intersectionality for Human Service Professionals

Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, 2018

Professional Certificate, Sexual Pleasure and Health Educator

 The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality 2018



Museum of Sex, 2017-Current 

Merchandising Associate &  Head of Sales 

Resident Sex Educator

The Velvet Lily, 2015-2017

Assistant Store Manager 

Outreach & Communications Coordinator

United Nations, 2013-2015

Peacekeeping & Conflict Resolution Associate

Amman Jordan, Lefkosia Cyprus, Athens Greece, Istanbul Turkey 

Inside the Actors Studio, 2009-2013

Personal Assistant to James Lipton

Production Assistant



William's Trading University, 2015- Present

Training and course completion of over 35 courses including marketing, merchandising, product knowledge and development, and sales.


Planned Parenthood NYC, 2017

Stepping Up Your Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood NYC, 2018

Teaching Sexual Consent & Access to Care

Planned Parenthood NYC, 2018

Trauma Responsive Sex Education

Blush U, 2018- Present

Sex Ed & Product Knowledge, Sexual Wellness, and Business Building

Planned Parenthood NYC, 2019

Sex Ed Summer Camp