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Events & Workshops

The Art of anal



An introductory exploration of everything anal advocating best approaches to fun and safe anal play including lubricants, toys, positions, and even how to talk to your partner about sharing in the anal excitement. 

The Art of BDSM


A workshop dedicated to sharing the knowledge and tools needed to venture into the realm of the kinky unknown.  This BDSM 101 workshop discusses a variety of sexy and fun topics from bondage, impact and role play, to consent and safety.

The Art of Oral


Give the gift of giving!  This Oral Sex workshop delves into  blow job essentials to guarantee you and your partner put the OOOHH! in fellatio.  

CUNT Collective


CUNT Collective is an organization founded in response to SESTA/FOSTA aimed at providing aid to those in need whether it be sex workers rights, indigenous rights, or more. 

Confidence is Sexy! Curvy Sex 101


Every body is sexy!  A workshop to inspire confidence and find the best sex toy and lingerie for all bodies.  

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